Access care anytime on your smartphone, from anywhere in Kenya.

Opening Hours : We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week/ 365
  Talk to us : +254 700 011 226

What it costs

How much does it cost?

A video consultation via the SASAdoctor APP starts at KShs 495/= ONLY. Additional costs will be charged for prescriptions and lab tests. The cost may vary for specialist consultations. Payment is made via CREDIT CARD or MPESA. You can also pay with your insurance. 

  • SASAdoctor appointments are significantly cheaper than traditional alternatives and can help you prevent costly in-person visits.
  • The affordability and convenience of SASAdoctor means that it can make your employees healthier and more productive, helping your business grow sustainably.
  • SASAdoctor can reduce ongoing and future healthcare expenses by supporting preventive care, managing treatment for chronic conditions, and providing mental healthcare.