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Whether you’re in the hospital or having a routine checkup, SASAdoctor provides a wide range of tests, efficiently and accurately, so you can feel confident about your health.

For the majority of lab tests, a trained technician, nurse or provider will collect a sample of blood, urine or other tissue to screen for conditions or diagnose ailments.

While lab tests are commonly performed as part of a routine wellness exam, you may also need lab tests for a variety of circumstances such as:

  1. Monitoring your health while you’re in the hospital
  2. Preparing for surgery
  3. Evaluating your nutritional status
  4. Screening for allergies
  5. Checking for antibodies
  6. Diagnosing unusual or persistent symptoms
  7. Lab tests give you and your health care team a deeper look at your care needs so we can provide the most accurate and effective care possible when you need it.