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Kidney Test

Kidney Test

KSh 2,500.00

Kidney tests are very important for people who have kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. They include urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium & chloride.



1. What is it?

  • Kidney function tests target either the blood or urine and measure different aspects of kidney function.
  • Often, doctors will order more than one test at a time to get a broader picture of the overall kidney function.
  • The kidneys play an essential role in keeping the body healthy. Their main job is to filter waste materials from the blood and send them out of the body in the urine.
  • Kidney damage can prevent the kidneys from filtering the waste properly, leaving it to remain in the body and cause dangerous symptoms.
  • Regular testing may help identify issues such as kidney disease in very early stages, making it possible to halt the progress of the disease.
  • Doctors may also order other tests to get more information about the kidney, such as imaging tests or a biopsy.

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